Welcome to the Town of Banff’s Resident Parking Permit Portal.

Please follow all instructions carefully.  Any errors or omissions may cause a delay of 7-10 business days or full rejection of your  Parking Permit application.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any outstanding unpaid traffic fines issued by the Town of Banff, your permit applications may be rejected until payment has been made.

You will need to create an account to then apply for a Resident Parking Permit or Guest Parking Permits.  There are several categories of Resident Parking Permits

  • RPP-Resident Parking Permit.  This permit is for full time residents of Banff.  Your vehicle registration MUST have a Banff address (box #, physical address or both)
  • RPP-Banff Business Licence holder.  This permit is for vehicles registered to businesses with valid Town of Banff Resident or non-Resident  Business Licences.  NOTE: The vehicle MUST be registered to the Licenced Business.
  • RPP-Temp Resident Parking Permit 3 Month Max.  This permit is for newly arrived residents to allow time to switch your non-Banff or out of province vehicle registration to Alberta.  NOTE  You may not re-new this permit after 3 months.
  • RPP-Temp Worker Parking Permit 6 Month Max.  This permit is for individuals whose primary physical address is outside of Alberta who are temporarily residing in Banff for no longer than 6 months for the purposes of employment, and their vehicle registration is not registered with a Banff address.   NOTE  You may not re-new this permit after 6 months.  

 Please have the following available before you begin the registration process:

  • Your vehicle registration (PDF or photo) Please ensure that the pdf or photo of your registration shows the licence plate number, the vehicle owner's name and your Banff address.  Vehicle insurance or  photos of your licence plate are not acceptable as proof of registration
  • Proof of residency in Banff (if you live in the Controlled Parking Zone).  A PDF or photo of utility bill, landlord letter, lease agreement, etc. is acceptable.  Remember, your proof of residency MUST indicate your BANFF physical address. 
  • Proof of Residency is required  if your vehicle registration does not specify a Banff Post Office Box number (for temporary 3 or 6 month permits), or if are applying for a Resident Parking Permit  you live in the Controlled Parking Zone and will be eligible for the added benefit to be able to apply for Guest Parking Permit.

Also, please be aware if you live inside the Controlled Parking Zone or outside the Controlled Parking Zone. Check the Map for Details.


For more information on the Resident Parking Permit program or Visitor-Pay Parking, visit banff.ca/ResidentPermit or call 403.762.1294 during business hours, or email parking@banff.ca.

The personal information you provide to the Town of Banff will be used for the purpose of managing the Resident Parking Permit system and communications with you regarding the Resident Parking Permit Program. Your personal information is collected under the authority of Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. Your personal information will remain confidential. The Town of Banff will not share this information with other parties outside the specific program for which this was collected. Questions regarding this collection of personal information can be directed to: Manager, Municipal Enforcement, Town of Banff. Phone 403.762.1218 or email municipal.enforcement@banff.ca 110 Bear Street, Banff AB, T1L 1A1